100 million subscriber play button youtube creator youtube play button


100 million subscriber play button youtube creator youtube play button

100 million subscriber play button Hello guys! here and I have a special guest and some other special guests. So why don’t you introduce yourself? Hey guys, my name is a purav and I’m a product marketing manager on the YouTube creator awards program.

Creator Awards, aye? Yeah. So what have you brought with you? I’ve got some, uh, shiny toys here. We’ve got the Diamond Award here, for folks that passed 100 million subscriber play button Silver Award for a hundred thousand subscribers and the Gold Award for 1 million subscribers Now, they’re ver..they are very,  very shiny.


We had to wipe all my fingerprints off of them. So these look very different than play buttons that I have seen on you tubers videos, so why do they look different? You know, what happened? At the end of March? We actually updated the silver and gold awards.

The program has been around for about five years and kind of in that time span,  the awards have looked the exact same.

It’s really prestigious kind of accomplishment for creators to get to those milestones, so we thought it was about the right time to make sure that the award was befitting of that accomplishment.

Okay. So, what what all is changing? Just the look at these things or anything else changing? You

know, not only are the designs updated, you know, we ship these all around the world.
So, you know, we want to make sure that these get to the creators destinations on time and in one piece.

Okay, so do you want to show ….do you want to GIVE our insiders a bit of a sneak peek? A closer? look know what these things actually look like? This one’s my favorite, for some reason.

One really cool thing about the about the new awards is, you know, there’s no play button now. I know some people weren’t so stoked about that, but what’s actually amazing is that in this kind of recessed mirror area, when you look at the award, you see yourself.

See if we can get the camera in there. So, that’s kind of the…. there you go, and there’s our set up on the box. You can see that’s our tripod. Filmmaking 101. And talk, talk about this 100 million subscriber play button.

Did any changes happen there? No, the Diamond Awards are are completely the same. Nothing’s changed there.

You know, this is a kind of travel box that we sent to folks for the Diamond Award. Which, if you haven’t seen Cy’s reaction video, you can see that box very prominently… Yes….in that unboxing.

Cy’s Gangnam style side. Yes. Yes. I still listen to that from time to time We have a conference room here, actually It’s called Gangnam style, so that’s pretty cool.

Yeah, so did he do…..he showcased his 100 million subscriber play button on the channel somehow? Yeah. It’s actually, you know, one of the coolest things, I think, about the program is, you know the creators use it as an opportunity to kind of reflect and you know talk about the fans and you know every subscriber Is, you know, a fan somewhere around the world.

So, I love watching the unboxing videos. You know,  part of my job is to actually watch them and see what creators think about it.

So, you know, if you’ve been an unboxing video for the awards program, I’ve probably watched it. Send your complaints there to me.

Yeah, I was gonna say, do you have any favorite unboxing videos? I mean, we actually released a marketing video for the awards redesign, at the end of March, on the 100 million subscriber play button YouTube creators channel.

So you can check that out. Some highlights there are, I mean, these awards have been everywhere and everyone has done something with them.

That’s kind of wacky. Like what? Like what?What is the wackiest thing…? I think the wackiest one that I saw was a guy used it as, you know, as part of his like fishing rod to like catch fish with. He like made it as part of the hook.

Someone sent one into space, you know, people (laughs) people destroy them all the time. Please don’t do that. We work so hard on these. (female host laughs) But they just want to see what’s inside! What’s inside,  so what’s inside  to  those guys are really cool.

I actually want to work with you guys on something, so please reply in the comments. But they they actually have one of the most watched videos of all time, on the creator Awards program.

Is the what’s inside Channel, where they, you know, cut up the gold award in Casey Nysgot’s office. So, that’s a that’s a really cool one. Yeah! So I’m sure, you know, people will be dissecting these new ones very shortly.  Was gonna say, what’s inside needs to get 100 million subscriber play button so that they can slice this new one in half.

We’re waiting for them. So we will take, we will link to the video that you mentioned,  that has kind of the BEST highlights of unboxings of these things, so you can go check all of that out.

Do you happen to know, the channel who sent it into space? Do you happen to know how you even send anything into space? It was like attached to like a satellite or something.

It’s in the…if you click on that video, it’s in the…this is like deep linking …it’s in the description of that video, that you’re gonna link. So, it’s there.

Ok Yeah. OK, cool. I don’t know how they did it, but… I’m going to learn how to send things into space. So Pom. Yeah. Creator insider has just hit about 55 thousand subscribers.
Thank you to all subscribers on the channel How long until we can get one of these shiny, shiny 100 million subscriber play button? Well, you guys are about 45,000 subscribers all.

Say what? So, I don’t know how fast you guys got to 55,000 but there’s another kind of, a little bit more journey to get to 100,000 subscribers, but that’s gonna be the the 100 million subscriber play button Silver Award right here. And so, you know,  when that happens, you know, definitely just send me an email and I’ll set it up for you guys.
Ok,  so the minimum is a hundred thousand subs, to get one of these things? Correct.

Any talks, at all, to have lower thresholds in there? I think one thing that’s you know, really cool about about YouTube is you know everything that we do here at work is, uh,  touches so many creators and one of the most exciting things
I think about the future of the program is exploring ways that we can get to even more creators because you know hundred thousand subscribers is a really big mark and a lot of youtubers actually see you know the 100 million subscriber play button Silver Award as You know, legitimizes their channels and stuff.

But ya know we all know that that happens much sooner than that Yes. So I think there’s definitely some cool ways We could partner with you know, a bunch of teams internally on what the future of that could look like So, all that to say is to stay tuned for more, for more info there. Okay, so there’s hope for my personal gaming channel.

There’s some hope that maybe someday there 10,000 subscriber something that would show up in the mail. (female host laughs) Leave your thoughts in the comments I mean, I’d even take a paper letter (more female laughter) Yea.

from me or from, from Susan Either works, haha.So if you could get any feedback from creators who are watching this right now,  about any of these things,  what would you like to know?

I mean the creator Awards program is continuously evolving, so, I mean I’m ..any kinds of thoughts you guys have…even if I don’t ask you for them, I’m sure you guys will give them to me. (female laughs) So,

you know, any kind of feedback is welcome. I’m always reading comments. I’m always watching all the unboxing videos.

So, you know, this is definitely not your only chance to say something about the awards because I’m literally always reading stuff on YouTube and everywhere.
Great. Can you commit to, when we post this video, taking a look through all the comments? I will be there replying, but Pom can you be there answering people’s questions and replying to their feedback? Yeah, absolutely. Great.

Whenever you have new things to announce, I can’t wait to hear more. I’m excited to come back. Thank you for having me. Cool. Thanks for coming, Pom. We will see you guys later.

See you guys. Hey everyone, make sure to hit that subscribe button and tick the bell icon so you get notifications for this channel.

We want to see Tom unboxing one of these soon, so hit that 100 million subscriber play button,  get your friends to hit that subscribe button, Oh, yes.

Get your mom…ALL your friends, your grandma… Get your grandma on YouTube (male laughs) And be sure to hit that like button and like we said before, leave a comment down below.
We will be checking them out. Peace (both throw the peace sign at camera).

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