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Affordable web hosting Reviews and best digital tools for Proffessional Website

Today we will talk about Best Affordable web hosting Reviews in India for 2020 Hi Guys, My Name is Purandar Satnami I do reviews on hostings and digital tools I have used various hostings Since 1 year I have been comparing various Affordable web hosting and doing detailed reviews on this blog I have purchased these hostings, analyzed them in detail and given my opinions on it So I will compare 07 Hosting companies This blog is not inspired by anyone else I am not copying anyone or doing this blog on the basis of an article In this blog, you will get real content and real experience You will find genuine blog on this website l I won’t go into much detail, If I would, then it would be only For details, I have done a dedicated detailed review blog for the various Affordable web hosting We will find out the various pros and cons associated with them who should buy it, at the last, I would give my recommendations as per various situations So I am sharing with my experience about the Hosting Companies in the last 3 years You will also find the affiliate link below which means If you purchase web hosting I will get a commission without you paying any extra costs You will also get extra discounts if you use my web hosting Discount Coupon Code All this would help me in doing unbiased and genuine review blog and also bringing up the well-detailed review blog If you liked to comment on this blog, then you can use my links, it really helps me a lot So.

Namecheap Best Black Friday Daeals 2020

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Namecheap Affordable Web hosting

Namecheap Affordable Web hosting,Namecheap is very popular for domains and I recommend for it Butt they are not in good in web Hostings It is affordable But their data centers are only in United State and United Kingdom They do not have any data centers in Singapore and Asia The biggest drawback I find out is their Customer Care Support Recently I hosted my website this month they suspended it and The reason they suspended it was due to someone was spamming in my email After the suspension when I tried to contact them their replies were too very slow There was no proper structured communication I was not getting proper answers in the live chat option,

They transferred the problem into the ticket, And told me to wait for the responses, I get over there, So this was a big drawback for me My website was down for 1-2 days, They do not have any off server backups, there is improper load handling So personally, I am not going to use Namecheap for any of my websites. But if you are getting traffic from the United State of America and you are looking for cheap hosting with Cpanel then you can look over to Namecheap.

EasyWP web Hosting Affordable Web hosting

EasyWP web Hosting, EasyWP comes from the Managed Hosting of Namecheap There is a major interface difference between Shared Hosting ,EasyWP Managed WordPress Hosting, You will also find the infrastructural differences Talking about its Pros, its speed is quite fast Pricing for the 1st year is comparatively less The dashboard is quite simple and easy to usa a beginner can easily set up its WordPress website Talking about its cons you can only keep 1 website does not matter which plan you take

The support comes from Namecheap Namecheap has good domain support but they are not good in the web hostings Talking about the downtime its up time should be good since its a cloud and managed WordPress hosting it should be 99.9% But in my case it was 99.5% so it is decent but it could have been better There are no automated backups and their servers in United State of America and there are no servers in Asia or Singapore Here are its plans So if your audience is from USA and you want fast web hosting at cheap pricing then EasyWP is for you guys.

Bigrock Web hositng

Bigrock Web hositng, Bigrock comes under EIG Web Hosting companies and this is the rare web hosting companies which I like and is a part of the EIG Groups For the ones who don’t know what is an EIG Group it is a famous group which acquire web hosting companies Then its quality and service is degraded and profit is maximized, They also suspend their employees Starting from its Pros, it has Hindi Support you can call them but they are not available 24×7, You get Cpanel Up time of 99.9%, It is good for HTML and PHP Scripts, You also get Varnish Caching Talking about its Cons, You don’t get WordPress Optimization They charge

120/month for automated backups Their support of live chat and call is very slow I won’t recommend BigRock for WordPress Talking about web hosting pricing Its starts from ?139/month and goes up to ?579/month in cloud hosting I have 2 plans Pro and Cloud Web Hosting If you need for PHP and HTML Scripts then you can select any plans among them It is available for 30% off but offers can go up to 50% off so as to find the deals in my community tab So if your target audience is in India and you need a web hosting for the PHP Scripts, If you require Cpanel in Budget then also Bigrock would be a good option.

Hostinger Web Hosting best Affordable Web hosting

Hostinger Web Hosting, Hostinger I have recommended Hostinger and I am reviewing it for 1 years I have made its detailed review twice Affordable Web hosting on my blog So let’s start with its affordable and easy to use interface You do not get Cpanel but you get Hpanel which is easy for beginners, You get Litespeed servers that provide better speeds they need their servers in Singapore and Asia, also seen the great uptime You get pay with UPI options which is good for the Indian users to access it easily, Talking about its Cons its support was very good previously but then it started degrading, recently due to Covid-19 they have removed their Live Chat Support Option You have to raise tickets, but you get replies fast But as soon as the situation would improve, the Live Chat Support Option would come back There is a Priority hostinger Support which is hostinger paid You get only 1 SSL If you take easy backups you get automated backups for 30 days But if you’ve got to revive the backups, then you do not get 1 click restoration option, for that you would need to follow a process I have explained allthis in my web hosting training program where you can find how to use the web hosting and if you are a beginner and if you have no idea about web hosting than I have discussed everything

If you purchase from my link then you will get free entry to my program If I talk aboutits pricing then it’s affordable It starts from 59/month and goes upto 210/month The pricing is extremely cheap as compared to other Shared hosting plans So plans are very good so according to me Cloud web hosting Startup and Business Web Hosting would be good So will I recommend Hostinger.I do know that their customer support is slow They do not have an honest live chat support But I do not have any other option But there’s no other good and best Budget replacement which provides an honest features and services Litespeed servers and Data centers which are in Singapore All of such good features are provided at this best price point on Hostinger,Hostinger is a best budget option.

Blueshost Web Hosting

Blueshost Web Hosting, Bluehost is also one of the affordable web hosting from EIG Companies like BigRock Hostgator and reseller club also comes under Bluehost web hosting Now I am talking about “” There is a big difference in .com and .in as separate web hosting servers are used So let’s start with its Pros The first pro is the interface, which is easy, simple and for beginners to set up their Affordable Web hosting WordPress Website Its Support is fast 24×7 live chat It has a good uptime and it’s easy to handle load If I talk about its Cons… You get the support but it’s not technical In my experience the technical support I have got is not best Inode count is very less only up to two lakh, The biggest con is that it doesn’t have any web hosting servers in Asia, So its pricing started from $3.59/month and it goes to $13.95/month So will I recommend Bluehost I have a neutral opinion on this, I personally dislike Bluehost because it comes from EIG Groups so I do not like that web hosting So this price point it’s a decent option but you can find out other options too.

A2 Web Hosting Boost Website

A2 Web Hosting, A2 Hosting is a popular web hosting but recently they have introduced so many things that it has created a lot of confusion Here you can see their 4 hosting plans It start at ₹225 and goes to ₹1127 so their hosting plans are a bit expensive The Drive web hosting Plan Turbo Boost Plan has a major difference Turbo Boost web hosting Plan has used Litespeed servers which are fast and good speed supply So you will find a varying difference among these 2 plans There are many varieties of web hosting plans Every hosting plan has a different performance So the performance of the web hosting plans may vary a lot I would talk about its Pros first Data centers are available in Singapore, You will get a good speed feature if you take their shared hosting turbo boost Plan The special thing that differentiates it from all other web hosting companies is their return policy You can claim your return on a Pro-Rata Basis If you have purchased a 4 yr hosting and you have used it for 1 yr only, then you can claim a refund for the remaining 3 years So I have not seen this in any of the web hosting providers You will find this exclusively in the Affordable Web hosting A2 Hosting and this feature differentiates it from all other web hostings Talking about the Cons, I have experienced Downtime, I have seen its uptime of 99.56% I was expecting it to be 99.9% at least web hosting There is a lot of confusion related to the hosting plans and you will find a lot of variety You will find different web hosting performance in different hosting plans, Then they have Addons which creates more confusion If you need backups extra SSL for wordpress website you will have to pay for it If you need VPS Litespeed servers, then you will have to pay extra Firewall, Sitebuilder, Cloudflare, Malware, for every extra feature addon you will pay extra Its pricing would increase feature if you will take their addons So will I recommend A2 Hosting A2 Hosting is not a good option for everyone at this biggest price point But there are some special scenarios, where you can think about buying A2 web Hositng it Scenario.

Hostgator Web Hosting Best for Website

Hostgator Web Hosting, Hostgator is the most recommended Affordable Web hosting Recently, its prices have 99/month and goes up to 199/month , So is it worth now So let’s start with its Pros This Shared Hosting you won’t find any other web hosting on it Since you get Google Cloud, so you get a good uptime, speed and their servers are in Singapore, They have a strong Customer Care Support, they are technical, good and fast They have a powerful web hosting plugin which is fast for optimizing WordPress Website You also get a good Backup Restoration Option Talking about its con, the major problem is the Pricing Hostgator has increased its pricing The most popular plans one thingthat has not increased yet is their monthly visits GrowBig has 25k visits and GoGeek has 1lakh visits This must-have increased as 25k visits aren’t a tough limit within the same price, i’m getting 75k visits/ month because it’s much optimized So consistent with me, this price is worthwhile because no other Shared Hosting is providing you Google Cloud The Affordable Web hosting speed, performance, stability and customer support combination won’t be available elsewhere It is worth it and it is for everyone If you need a best experience for shared hosting then you can go and buy Hostgator.

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