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Most Youtube Subscribers New way to subscribe youtube channel subscribe button

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Most Youtube Subscribers Hello Friends, welcome to a new blog of the me2lovestory. Let’s get started with our updates for this week. The very first update is on swa of the create and notification’s icon in the YouTube main app. 

We are moving the position of the create button in the YouTube app, to highlight the ability to create on the mobile, by placing this button in the middle of the bottom navigation bar. 

This shifts the subscription button to the right and the notification’s button to the top right hand corner. Both the buttons are still accessible and will have the exact same functionalities. 
We have heard that the previous placement of the create button is not very intuitive and this new spot will make it easier for creators to create and upload videos on mobile. 

This will first roll out tousers in India on Android and soon expand to iOS and other countries. The next update is on YouTube Giving created expansion. 

Monetizing channels in the US, UK and Canada with usm more than 40,000 subscribers will have access to YouTube Giving. Channels with access canfundraise for US nonprofits only. 
To learn more about YouTube Giving and eligibility Most Youtube Subscribers, please check out the links in the description box below. 

The next update is on thenew icons in iOS main app. YouTube has developed new icons, which supports an accessibilityimprovement for our apps by featuring outlined assets for non-selected options and themed icons for selected options Subscribers buttons.

Thus allowing a highcontrast consistent state for selected and non selected icons. Let us know if you havealready noticed this change in the comments section below.Most Youtube Subscribers
Next up is the EMEA gaming panel. Last week, youtube subscriber we hosted an all female virtual gaming panel with a handful of amazing creators and gaming professionals from EMEA usm covering a variety of different topics, ranging from allyship,mentorship, imposter syndrome and gaming during subscriber

 If you would like tocheck out the recording, we’ll leave the link inthe description below. Next usm we have an update from Connor about a new opportunity to stay up to date whenever our policy language changes. Take it away Connor. – All right Insiders.

 I am back just for a littlebit of this Newsflash with what I think isactually quite a good update around monetization guidelines, also known as the Advertiser Friendly Content guidelines. 

So we actually update those fairly regularly now, and we do that and focus on clarification’s. So when we hear from creators, “Hey, this really isn’t clear.” 
We add in language to make it a little bit clearer. That’s the case for the advertiser friendly content guidelines page as well as the write your content with self-certification page. 
Now, keeping track of what is being usm updated is something that we’ve heard is really tough. So we actually created another page and grow youtube channel to track that repeat with dates of what’s youtube channel changing and a little summary to out line which elements are changing. 

The fault of that page is that you can’t subscribe to it, so you have to keep on going back and looking consistently. 

So what we’ve done is we’ve set up a forum, which is exactly the same updates as this update’s page that we had initially set up, but this enables you to subscribe.
 And the key here is, if you Most Youtube Subscribers every time I update that page, then you’re going to get an email notification saying, “Hey, there’s been an update to the forum.” 

This is a better way to keep on top of exactly what’s been clarified and what language is changing within the advertiser friendly content guidelines. 
It’s gonna be particularly important for self-certification. That’s something I’ve been working on for the past couple of weeks, as we tinker with some of the language, make it a little bit clearer and work on the feedback that you receive when you get that yellow icon. 

There’s gonna be a link in the description below, I’m told. So go there, subscribe. We have about 2000 subscriber now, I’d love to kick that up to 10 by the end of the year, because this is a really great way for creators to keep on top of monetization policies.

So I’m told I’ll be back soon, but for now stay safe. – Thanks for the update, Conn or. Let’s move on to the YPP contract cleanup update. Previously, YouTube allowed creators to start the application process before they make the YPP eligibility requirements.Most Youtube Subscribers money 

This included pre-signinga YPP terms of agreement. This past year, they redesigned the application process in YouTube Studio, making the eligibility requirements more clear and the process more simple and streamlined.

Creators who signed the YPP terms in Classic Studio, we have recently received an email about the YouTube Partner Program application This email is simply a notice that if your channel is not eligible for YPP in the next 30 days, we will invalidate the pre-signed terms. 
If you have received this email, nothing changes in the way you use or experience grow youtube channel 
You will still have the opportunity to apply for the YouTube Partner Program in the future when your channel is eligible. You can check your statusin the monetization tab in YouTube Studio.

Moving on to announcing the winner for last week’s trivia question. The question was, which country consumes the most chocolate per capita. 
The answer is, one of the most beautiful places that I have visited so far, Switzerland.
The winner is Marco JP again, who was the first one to answer this question Congratulations on the win. 

There’s no trivia this week. But before I sign off, I’d like to thank you for all the amazing feedback through these blog of the Newsflash

This will be my last episode for now, and you will have a great new host next week. So continue to stay safe, continue to have fun and keep it real. 

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