Top 7 desi gamers free fire id QNA makers of desi gaming


 Top 7 desi gamers free fire id QNA makers of desi gamers

Hi All of you, Hi guys, Welcome to my New gaming blog post desi gamers free fire, Once Again… So today I am going to play with Random Players desi gamers once again.. I will invite players from World Chat and I will try to desi gamers have fun with them. And if they are newbie players, I will try to gift them as well. So guys please do read the blog, and let me know in the comments, How you like the blog.. And if you haven’t already subscribed my blog, I hope I find good teammates, at least whose mic are good and not noisy...QNA makers


desi gamers free fire id

My internet is acting up, hold on a minute. So I had topped up diamonds, so let me claim them first. I am also exchanging these tokens. You can see desi gamers free fire how my game is showing loading animation all the time. Hello Roudy Baby.. Okay I am inviting world chat players,
let’s irritate them in game okay.. Who is this speaking? Who are you speaking? I am me speaking 😀 Pahadi don’t you have mic option…Try to desi gamers talk with mic turned on.. Farhan: Yeah yeah talk to me, I am listening. No no I was talking to Pahadi.. Pahadi: Yeah say…
Where are you from Pahadi? Pahadi: I am from Delhi desi gamers .
Do you guys have Alok? Pahadi: Yeah I have everything. Gift me Alok Please then..
Pahadi: Don’t try to fool me 😀 I like making people fool :QNA makers
D Pahadi: I know everything..
What do you know?
Say? Pahadi: What do I say….YOUTUBER… Oh so you know Youtuber, I mean You’re a YouTuber?
Pahadi, You wanna go to factory QNA makers?
 Pahadi: No No, You take it.. Okay let’s go to clock tower then..
Pahadi: Send me friend request okay..? Okay I will give you one challenge, If you do it, I will accept your friend request…
Pahadi: Yeah say… You have to knock Player number 3 using Red Oil Barrel…
Farhan: Are you a YouTuber? No? What are you doing, complete the challenge, otherwise I won’t send you friend request… What challenge did I give you?
 Pahadi: This guy keeps running away from me… It’s upto you how you convince him to get near oil barrel…It’s your game…
Roudi: Comeon you can do it…You can do it desi gamers..
Pahadi: This guy is not even coming near.. Then call him with love
😀 Come Roudy babay let’s show emote.. Okay I will definitely send you friend request… Farhan??
Farhan first say “I Love you desi gamers” to Roudy Baby then I will revive you… Just say  “I Love you” to Roudy Baby then I will revive you…otherwise I won’t.. Farhan where are you from?
I am from Nepal, You know Nepal?

desi gamers free QNA makers

Farhan Do you have alok? No I don’t have Alok. Okay then I will give you a task, if you complete it, I will gift you Alok … Why thank you..First say yes I will complete the desi gamers task… Okay you have to sing a song in any language you want…Then I will gift you Alok after the match..
 Which song should I sing, say.. Arey ask Pahadi, He will tell you which song to sing.. Try to sing a song which will impress the girls you’re playing with :
D Sing with loud voice, I cannot hear a thing…
Farhan: I don’t know desi gamers free fire live how to sing. Come on sing na, otherwise how will you get Alok… Pahadi: Come here,
I will give you Alok. See Pahadi is calling you.. Pahadi: Come here, I will give you desi gamers .. Go fast with Pahadi..
Now sing or else we won’t revive you and won’t give you alok also.. Revive me.
 Sing a song fast…Then I will revive you and Give alok also. Okay then revive me. First sing a song… First revive me then I will sing a song.
No I won’t, first sing then I will gift you Alok also.
Farhan: If you don’t revive me I will desi gamers die…
Sing a song fast… Pahadi: He will start crying leave him…
*Says a famous meme line* How old are you Farhan?

desi gamers live

desi gamers

 Farhan: I am 13 years old. So you’re a kid… Yeah I am a kid  Let’s go to the tower.. Okay come let’s stay on this tower and you sing a song… Pahadi: I completed 2 of your missions…
Okay so tell me what you want, Friend Request or Gift desi gamers?
 Pahadi: Will you play after being friends? Yeah I will play with desi gamers,
After this FFICtournament I will be free and can play…
Pahadi: We can play classic if you want… No no, we can play ranked as well… I don’t care that much about rank points. See Farhan, I made the deal with Pahadi…Now it’s your turn…Sing a song fast.. He said he doesn’t want gifts, just send me friend request.
What do you want, alok or any other gift…Just sing a song first.
Pahadi: I want request from both of you because I completed 2 missions..
This is my Roudy Baby…You will subscribe to Roudy Baby on YouTube right? Farhan come fast, What are you doing there?
Okay wait wait I am coming.. Farhan sing a song fast otherwise I won’t send you Alok.. I promise I will send you Alok , I am a youtuber…..
 Farhan: Okay which song Hindi or Gujarati?
First sing hindi, then Gujarati…
Farhan: I don’t know hindi… Okay then sing Gujarati..
Farhan: Which song do you want in Gujarati?
Sing any Gujarati song…We don’t understand Gujarati Anyway.. desi gamers sing fast…Enemies will all be dead soon..

desi gamers live desi gamers free fire

 *Farhan sings under the breath* Sing with loud voice, we cannot hear anything… Don’t use Katana…Just sing only with loud voice..
 *Singing Gibberish* Sing that one, That song used in Dandiya.. desi gamers *Farhan sings in Gujarati* Come on keep singing, you’re singing beautifully.. *Farhan Continues Singing* Wow what a song..awesome.. Okay now gift me ALOK….
Pahadi in today’s match…do tell us in comments.. Love you all, by heart…Bye bye And don’t forget to Share the blog as much as you can….
Thank you…Kisses… How can I gift right now??
I will send you after the match ends… . desi gamers
Do you know Shayaris?
(Poems) Just say which poem you wanna hear. desi gamers?
Just say whatever comes from you…shayari comes from heart na.

desi gamers id QNA makers 

 How can I know..shayaris are what comes from heart and that’s what shayaris express.
Roudy: Say any shayari you gamers
 Farhan: You will gift me for real right? QNA makers
Yeah I will gift you…Do you know any Shayari?
 Farhan: No I don’t know shayari…But I already sang a song..
Okay then I will gift you. My internet is not working, desi gamers free fire hello… Gift me Alok okay..please?
Yeah I  will gift you Alok for sure.. Haan Thank You Thank You.. Do you know Gujarati?
Yes I do know Gujarati… How do you say “I love you” in Gujarati?
 *Says I love you in Hindi* This is Hindi…QNA makers 
* Says something in Gujarati I guess… Please talk loudly I cannot hear you voice clearly.. Sooneeta you talk to me in Gujarati?
*Attempt*desi gamers

desi gamers real face

 Farhan: This is Hindi, I told you to say in Gujarati.. I don’t know Gujarati that much…Teach me please.. Gift me DJAlok okay sooneeta didi.. I only know “Kem Chho” in Gujarati..
Pahadi: Let’s take a screenshot here…
*Attempts to say Gujarati I love you* desi gamers free fire
You taught me this… Only one was Alive????
I didn’t know till now.. It was so fun playing with you …I didn’t even notice… Booyah with 600 damage…
What was your name??
okay I am giving you Alok alright desi gamers?
Congratulations Farhan I sent you Alok. And I sent friend request to Pahadi… I will upload this video on YouTube…do watch it okay..
Thank you so much guys for read blog..And how you liked the blog please let me know. And if you enjoy these content, please tell me in the comments that you wanna see them more… Thank you so much for read a blog and How you liked our gamers


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