top 7 love status video | download sad love story status in 2021

love status video
love status video

love status video | download sad love story status in 2021 

Love … It’s a wonderful ,   love status video feeling We all have at least one love story in our lives Some love stories are sad endings Some love stories are happy endings Some love stories end with marriage Some love stories begin with marriage Some love stories remain in the history as great poems of  love Some more love stories …


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Remain silently in our hearts as silent poems and witness of true love  love status video This is my love story Anjali Excuse me ! Yea ! What !! What is the time ? You have your watch Yea, sorry Oye! Are you loving some one No Than, what is the rose for ? 

I brought it just like that We should be brave enough to propose , if we love someone Are you afraid Those who fear have no right to  love status video What is this ? Read This is for you Dozen eggs Half kilo tomato Kilo onions quarter kilo … 

My dear DASH I’m in love with you Please love me What is this DASH ? I don’t know your name Without knowing name you are loving me? Name doesn’t matter in love all  we need is their heart Oh Okay Is that rose for me ? Yea ! 

Where are the chocolates ? I didn’t bring Didn’t bring chocolates, love status video okay You proposed me, that’s okay Tomorrow at the same time come back with the chocolates.. we will discuss Okay Oye Don’t you want to know my name? Yea ! 

“What’s your name? Pentamma Pentamma ? Why ? Don’t you like it? It’s good Pentamma Actually I like it. “

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Tomorrow morning, come with chocolates we will discuss Okay Miss. Pentamma It’s been so many days… my love matter… 
I’m thinking Do one thing  love status videoTomorrow at same time At the same place Bring more chocolates Okay We will discuss Tomorrow as well ? Miss. Pentamma My love matter ?
 I’m thinking Do one thi ng Tomorrow at same time At the same place Bring more chocolates we will discuss Miss. Pentamma My love matter ? I’m thinking… I’m thinking Do one thing … 
Tomorrow At same time, at the same park, I need to bring more chocolates,  love status video right? I don’t need you and your love You pig face girl.It’s a sin to play with a boy like me Psycho, don’t leaving me alone I’m like that only Can’t you understand a girls heart ? I’m not that intelligent If a girl loves, she never tells it What do you mean ? Stupid ! 
I love you What ? You pig face girl..How can you tease me? Mom ! 
Her name is Pentamma.My Friend Stop it stupid Hi, dear My name is Anjali aunty But, you said Pentamma You said Pentamma. Right ? 
You be silent.You come dear Dear, do you like our Chinna  love status video? I could see how much you guys love each other in your eyes He is innocent His father gave me divorce when  he was 6 Since than, only we two are our family After these many days..

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love status video You came in to his life You will never leave him, right ? I will never leave him aunty You don’t worry about him Mom! For me ? 
Mental, it’s a girl’s thing Come dear I will put you Come dear, love status video download sit How can you love a girlwithout even knowing her name? Mom ! I didn’t know your name too, when you gave me birth , but I still loved  you,
 The same way Why did you give birth to this psycho aunty My son is gold, my darling Idiot, how could you be that stupid ? Than, a big monster attacked the kingdom Than the king The citizens of the kingdom Anjali Anjali Tell me stupid How dare you ? 
                                                         ” love status video ” 
                                                                        You are my dare factor.
Your picture in my heart Will remain forever My love on you Will never vanish Your looks, are saying something to me Your smile, did some magic to me. 
                                           ” I Love You Your picture in my heart 
                                             Will remain forever My love on you”
Will never vanish Your looks, are saying something to me Your smile, did some magic to me I don’t know what happened It could be the effect of Love I don’t what happened It could be the effect of love . 

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                          Love I will  become the arrow of the rainbow 
                                                             to reach you I’m not me when I’m with you 
                          You became the light In my world where I couldn’t be myself 
                         That light became the light of
                                                    my life Love My dear love I’m waiting for you 
Love My dear love I’m waiting for you Your picture in my heart Will remain love status video forever My love on you Will never vanish Your looks, are saying something to me.
 Your smile, did some magic to me I don’t know what happened It could be the effect of Love Love My dear love I’m love status video waiting for you If entire life goes happily like a Chandamama  story , 
how wonderful that would be I guess even the gods were jealous of our love What happened Anjali ? You said you want to talk and now you are silent? Any problem? Forget me Ankit What ? 
                                 My marriage got fixed with some other guy
                                            Your marriage got fixed with some other guy?
Didn’t you tell about our love love status video ? I tired explaining about you, but my family is not excepting How can you marry a guy whom you don’t love? Would you be happy life long , marrying him?

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 Love and marriage are different Ankit It’s not easy for a girl to marry a boy whom she loves I know it’s not correct. But I don’t have any other option Sorry Ankit, 
                        forget me Please listen to me dear Tell me honestly,  
                                                  would you be happy without me?
                                      I can’t bear even a day,without you talking to me.. 
If you go aw ay forever I can’t live dear Listen to me Anjali  , 
please Sorry Ankit Anjali, listen to me Anjali Anjali They say,  marriage are made in heaven I guess, God Brahma  did our marriage in heavenbut, forgot to love status video do our marriage on earth He linked our hearts , but forgot to link our lives What happened dear, 
why are you sad? What happened dear ? I miss Anjali alot, “love status video”  mom Not all things happen, as we wish in our lives dear. 
                                         move on dear I can’t forget Anjali, mom You, 
                                           don’t worry dear I thought I went as a wife 
leaving everybody But, it did not take long to realize I went as a slave How did your heart allow , 
to raise your hand on a girl?

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 I’m your husband I believed you love status video and walked 7 steps with you Bowed my head so you can tie mangalasutra I left everybody for you. 
 So what Are you taking me for granted? Because of my  helpless right? What the heck are you talking Lie at home silently
                                                  Anjali Anjali Anjali 
                                                                 Can I say you something?  
Hmm I am afraid that you will leave me Me ? Yea ! Idiot, where would I go ? Promise ? Okay, promise I can’t live without you 
                                  Me too Anjali … Anjali Anjali Anjali Anjali Anjali,   
I wanted to meet and talk to you once dear How are you dear? I am good aunty How are you ? 
 How is that idot ? We are good Why did you became lean Is your husband taking care of you properly See, what I brought for you What happened dear ? What happened ? 
Nothing auntyit reminds me my mother Stupid girl Aren’t you angry on mefor marrying another guy ? I can understand love status video  girl’s life won’t be in her hands Don’t worry dear I know it’s not your fault We wish for so many things, would everything happen as we wish ? 

What happened aunty?

I’m worried about Chinna He is unable to forget love status video you He is depressed I hope he will listen to you For my sake, would you talk to him once and convince him to move on? Okay aunty… I will talk to him Come , sit Idiot, what is wrong with you? Why did you grow beard ? 

You became Devdas?

 I’m not good Without you I’m not at all good What is wrong with you ? What are these injuries Anjali What happened to me…I am fine Than, what are these injuries? Oh those, I fall down Why did you become like this? 

That’s okayWhat happened to me now Leave about me Tell me, How are you ? I met aunty andspoke about you Are you still thinking about meand depressed? 

I’m your past dearForget me Look at me. I forgot you and how happy ” love status video ”  I’m What, my Anjali forgot me? Did you forget me? Are you happy? 

Tell me dear Tell me Aunty is worried about you I don’t want your life to be spoiled because of me.

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I can’t bear it. Forget me Ankit You are not my past to forget My breath When, even my shadow is also reminding you … 

                           How can I forget you dear?

                           psycho, I’m married now It’s a sin thinking about me now Correct, 

you got married It has to accept right? You married and went your own way What about me? Can’t die, cant live … 

I am going through hell You are my life dear I can’t live ” love status video ” without youEven a second You won’t understand this Anjali Anjali I brought you chocolates, eat No You like chocolates right?Please eat dear Why do you love me so much ?

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Don’t know Would you do anything for me” love status video ” ? Yea, I will Promise ? Promise Aunty is worried about you.Forget me I know, it is very difficult for you. 
 At least try Listen to me You will find a better girl than me It’s not the end of your life You have bright future Film making is your passion right ? One day you will become great film maker Work hard.
 I can’t bear, seeing you like this You promised me You will forget me andfocus on your future right ?                                                               Tell me Tell me Thank you ! 
                     I’m very happy now I’m so tired , I’ll rest on your heart for a while? 
Mental This heart is yours, lean on Come Love and deathare same Love , wants heart Death , wants heart beat That is the only difference Hey , mental What are you talking about ? 

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Forget everything and rest for sometime   Anjali Anjali wake up Anjali wake up Anjali Anjali Anjali Wake up AnjaliAnjali What happened dearAnjali    
     Couldn’t hurt the elders Couldn’t fight for true love Couldn’t live in the world where a fragile heart of girl can never be understood… 
With a wounded heart With a broken heart Couldn’t live like a living dead Vexed Exhausted Now, I am taking rest Alone, travelling to the place where there is no return.
 Yours Anjali Everybody is saying thatAnjali is no more But In my every loneliness In my every happiness In my every step and thought In my every breath and In my every heart beat Anjali , is always with me Anjali is immortal Our love ” love status video “ is immortal .      


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