9 Things About How To Create A Site Map For WordPress Site

How To Make A Site Map For WordPress Site
How To Make A Site Map For WordPress Site

How to Create Site Map for WordPress site:– If you wish to create a professional website then some pages & categories are necessary in order to give proper navigation to your visitors. Making a site is not sufficient but giving forced and unbreakable support to your visitors is. create site map for wordpress

For a professional & stunning look at your site, it is important that you must have a proper navigation bar for the users & search engines from where any user can navigate to all the pages present on your site. This will help you to attract your visitors & traffic on site or blog because of the search engine lists quick anything if the thing is properly maintained.

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What is site map?

A site map is a theme model of your site content design that helps visitors, users & search engines to navigate the site. It consists of a page where all the pages links are listed category wise. As it’s clear by the name that a site map is a map/ roadway of the site where all the details about pages, categories & posts are indexed in a suitable pattern. This is necessary according to visitors’ point of view because it navigates visitors on your site.

There are two types of sitemaps:

  • HTML Sitemap.
  • XML Sitemap.

What is HTML Sitemap?

Do you know what is HTML Sitemap? An HTML sitemap is a page on your site that lists the available web pages for a given site. It notifies search engine crawlers of each URL which helps them figure out what pages to crawl more quickly and rank those URLs within their engines.

Create Site Map for WordPress In some cases, an HTML sitemap will be generated automatically as a file that the server sends back to search engine crawlers. In other cases, you may need to generate this list manually by adding it as a hypertext document or hyperlink on your website using the tag.

The Benefits of HTML Sitemap

Create Site Map for WordPress With a HTML site map, a search engine will be able to understand the site structure and index more of each page. When a website has a html sitemap, it makes gathering information from the site easier for search engines.

If you’d like to increase your odds of higher rankings from Google or from other search engines, Create Site Map for WordPress make sure your URL structure is optimized and your site is accessible by search engine spiders. This is especially important if you have ever had problems with indexing on Google in the past. 

What is XML Sitemap?

An XML sitemap or a sitemap is a hyperlinked index of content pages in a website. It has a list of URLs in a website and it’s in a file format that search engines can easily read.

Create Site Map for WordPress The Sitemap protocol helps search engines improve their indexing of your site. It’s an XML file that’s identified by the “sitemap” keyword and uses the common URL structure of a common misconception about sitemaps is that they list all the page of your site.

The Benefits of XML Sitemap

The benefits of having one is the ability to set up an optimized site structure for better SEO performance.

1. Make search engines crawl your website more quickly.

2. Increase your website’s organic search traffic.

3. Increase the fast indexing of your website.

4. Increase your website’s SEO ranking.

5. Increase your keywords ranking.

6. Improve your website’s crawl rate.

7. Improve your website’s PageRank.

8. Reduce your website’s downtime.

9. Improve your website’s uptime.

How to Create Sitemap for WordPress site?

In this article, I’ll explain how to Create Site Map for WordPress and you can add a site map to your WordPress site. So apart from the stuff lets get started with the steps involved are as follows:-

Step 1:- Login to your WordPress admin panel area.

Step 2:- Go to plugins & add hit on add new plugin.

How to make Sitemap for WordPress site
How to create Sitemap for WordPress site

Step 3:- There, search for WP sitemap page plugin.

WP sitemap page plugin

Step 4:- Install the plugin & activate it.

Step 5:- After that go to Settings option & look for the WP sitemap page.

wordpress Settings option
wordpress admin panel

Step 6:- Then go on How to use & copy the first code Subjected with [ ]

wordpress website

Step 7:- After copying, Go to pages option and add a page by the name of Sitemap & paste the code there & publish.

how to create site map for wordpress site

Step 8:- Now go in Appearance and select Menus & add a site map to the menu.

how to make site map for wordpress website

Step 9:- Click save changes & go to your site home page, There you will see Sitemap.

wordpress new post add images

A site map shows the full blueprint of your site & helps in search engine indexing. To know how to rank & create backlink you can visit on SEO categories of this site.

Now your site is able to show the Create Site Map for WordPress. Site mapping may also help you in getting Google AdSense approval because according to webmaster guidelines your site must be very simple & properly maintained so that users/visitors should not face the problem of getting info about the topics.

Final Words

create site map for wordpress Making a sitemap page is too important to give a professional look to the site. So, in my opinion please create a sitemap it will not take more than 5 minutes to create.

I hope this article will help you to create a sitemap page and Create Site Map for WordPress. For more information like this, web designing tips and tricks etc, You can Subscribe my YouTube channel:- TechePurav


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